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Elephant In the Room

How do you know if something's living? How do you know if you should keep fighting to keep it alive? How do you kill the already dying? Do you shoot it and put it out of its misery, or do you let it suffer until the inevitable? Do you douse it in potions and formulas?  Do you keep up the charade or do you take off the mask in surrender? You don't have the answers just what you know wasn't the answer?  If its been on the decline for over a decade, did it ever occur the odd shepherd out may of been on to something? Empowerment isn't crippling and its not your job to say no.

There are too many questions and too little answers.  There is too much shock and awe and not enough comforting trust.  There isn't just two sides there is worlds apart.  It isn't an us versus them,  its a we versus we. The conversations swirl and twist diverging though mayhem dipping in and out of truth.  Some things a differ of opinion, while others bold faced lies.  When the world is spinning around you its hard to find your bearings. When the rugs been yanked out from under you its surely a loss in balance, dizzy, sickening, scary.

How do you sleep at night when the facts start to blur?  How do you raise up in the morning when you know what awaits you?  Can you back up your case or is this even a trial?  Are you prosecuting or defending or better yet judging?  Were you part of the in crowd were you leader of the clique? Did you know the secret handshake or the tree house passwords? Were you invited to the sleep over for fun or to get picked on?

There is either growing or dying but little in between.  There is accountability or denial all of which I've seen.  We should move this baby forward full steam engine ahead, or turn off the lights, put the for sale sign up and move on if its already dead.  You can say do this or that but what you model is your proof. There are families, spouses, and friends at odds. There is aching faces from six days of wailing. There is vomit there is trauma.  Was this the modeling Jesus we speak of?

 Dare we mutter the word Community,  if built only to tear down? We should trust and be vulnerable under the admittedly uncertain?   You can say we want this but yet you do that. Its hard to sort out some pure truths and whats fact,  but in the end if its do as I say, not what I do... don't be mad when we don't DO anything and worst trust no one developing spiritual attachment disorder.

There is no fear in dying, that's what we preach.  Just give it to God and watch HIM restore whats lost out of our reach.  But yet we squeeze and squeeze like a toddler ITS ALL MINE and meanwhile we didn't even notice we've sucked out its life. We press down a thumb of control and dictation, the 'accepted as you are if you fit'  puppeteer nation.  We wouldn't want to discuss something so 'common' its secret,  for fear of disrespecting the already disrespected?  We fear loosing the story of old. We fear letting go of the glory days while on top of the world. We fear having to face our inadequacies and yet we continue to squeeze and to squeeze.

So let it just go and lay  it to rest if you won't give it a jump. If there's no paramedics to 3 2 1 CLEAR it back to beating again pump...pump. For with every forest fire comes the burned and the ravaged. But several seasons ahead comes the greenest of grasses and brightest of flowers.  With each seed in the ground it must break to sprout come spring.  There is no fine wine in an uncrushed fresh grape. And with our trials come the testimony of how we should trust.  But for now we repent for the hearts that we have broken by just passing and saying hi. Sometimes we must do the unbearably hard hard thing. And other times we make it harder than it EVER had to be....


Why I LOVE Weddings!!!

I always say I love weddings because I didn't get one...that's a half true statement.  I didn't get a 'wedding' in the traditional sense. I had more of a vow exchange and dinner with ten people.  It was beautiful, it was lovely it was all I needed at the time.  As I approach ten years my soul has grown with love over the traditional American wedding.  It isn't because I like, rather love cake! It isn't because I love satin dresses, buffet lines and things blue or borrowed.  I love weddings because of the beauty of their healing and unity! I love the representations and sentiments through the arts, music and creativity we hold inside of all of us. 

So often the media portrays the wedding with Bridezillas, lavish money dropped, interpersonal and family drama. Not to say those things aren't present, but at the end of the day, I don't think that's what anyone is left with. I don't think people walk away with wounds of those hiccups in the procession, other than maybe wedding planning pros and control freaks.  At the end of the big day I think people are left with a sense of love, commitment, refreshment, vigor and most importantly a feeling of what really matters in life.

We all know American weddings usually, half the time, end in divorce.  Why the big deal? Why the big waste? If half will fail why go through all the rah rah? Its only a piece of paper isn't it??  My simple answer is faith. Risk. In life we are never certain of tomorrow. The old cliche's say 'live like its your last day, live like you're dying'. The new cliche: YOLO. I mean the numbers and the probabilities are terribly against the price of a wedding, but are they against the VALUE of a wedding? I say those memories and feelings are priceless and thank God for great photos to remind us of that in all the chaos of the day.

 I remember hearing an old boss rave about how it didn't matter that he'd been divorced twice before age 40 but how he was going to propose to his love half way around the world still.  He raved about how he didn't care if he was married five or six times, he was going to love and love to ends of his being no matter what his doubts or heartbreak told him.  I paused.  Perplexed. Looking back on my spiritual beliefs about marriage it caught me off guard.  You get married once, if it fails you don't just jump back in the boiling pot.   But something about his faith stood out.  He wasn't going to let his fears and failures control him.

I don't believe in recklessness and blind faith.  I do believe in vetting your mates and making wise decisions. But I also know how marriages of thirty days and thirty years fall apart and how people stay in love and married for over sixty years too. Being married for almost ten years I know the pain and the strife.  I also know its rewards. I know its worth when you fight through.  But what is a wedding? Is it a waste of time? Is it entrapment by the powers that be, telling us how much money to spend and what we are expected to provide? Maybe, but for me I've found renewal in weddings. I've found peace and faith in the things unseen,  that we can't prove with empirical evidence and formulas,  but that we feel with our spirits.

Whether its the bonds created over midnight crafts, the meaning in mother and daughter ironing the same dress,  relief in morning lavender baths, pressure relieved by helpful friends, peace brought by a renewed friendship, memories in old friendships, revival of a family paused by grief, embracing of an outcast family member,  the movie scene perfection of a long lost daughter twirling like a fairy around the bride n groom on the dance floor with her 'real family', or the honest speech debacles of laughter, sorrow and mood recovery,  Weddings represent our humanity through grace and honesty. When all is hectic and out of place, things get pulled together. When people seem apart they work together as a team. When there is uncertainty in how things will work out, they do. When what is close to our hearts manifests in the outward details not just in empty materials.  When people are aching or distant, they are united. When we doubt destiny,  love, healing, God and all that is good in this life, we are REMINDED! 
Oh Be Joyful Photography Indiana
Picture the Day Photography Denver


Iron Will...My first race: The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

 The sound of those words from the song playing, I looked up and time stood still as I crossed the finish line. The large digital clock blinking red above my head: 1:10:53 exactly six hours after I had begun the  bike trek of a lifetime.  To some it may not be much but to me it was something for the record books. I often find things I thought unbelievable, impossible, never gonna happen, to be for the record books.  It was a 50 mile bike “ride” as Joanie calls them.  The Iron Horse isn’t just a ride, its a ride that gains about 6000 feet in elevation over 40 miles.  “Its just another ride” she encourages. I call them ass kickings, butt beaters, mountains of madness!  I called it a race this time because thats what the registration said when I had to opt in for the more pro race since the citizen tour was sold out.  How funny is that, me in a real bike race? (In movie trailer voice) A bike race respected by many, feared by even more, one of the toughest in CO.  The course was the same I just figured I had to dress a little douchier, mas spandex.  

How I find myself jumping off cliffs to only think later, I’ll never know. I guess its better that way for me because if I had the brains to think first, I’d probably out think myself and decide not to do it. And I've learned it makes things look much easier after that!  Anna, a best friend from high school, has seemingly always been the person I jump after!  She blazes trails wherever she goes and always thinks things are possible.  Whether the original Epic adventure in a canyon w an 8 year old, before the word Epic was even cool, or repelling off a jeep atop Gemini Bridges while I pray, she fears nothing...or at least never shows it!  When a small Facebook comment box exchange went “I’m doing this...” and I reply “I’ll do it with you lol” and she replies “You should!” ...and the rest is history. Bike race #1 officially in progress.

You know if you sign up for a bike race you actually have to train for it? I know that, yet some apparently didn’t think I knew that.  The amount of times people said the obvious kind of had me unsure, it wasn’t as if they were really concerned with my training, rather their way of saying “Are you sure you can do this?”.  I ebbed and flowed through valleys and peaks of surety and doubt. I guess what I didn’t know was the painstaking time and children management that would need to take place in between a part time job and full time commitments to make this thing happen.  Thank God for the best mom in the world, Vonnie aka Omi #1.  I’m surprised my husband Gideon the King, sacrificed during a “Ghana year” lol.  There were some logical reasons I felt I could do it. For the last year and half I had been killing it in spin class and had went through intense weight lifting sessions with my personal trainer, the body builda, Siobahn the Canadian great!  It wasn’t like I just got off the couch of fried chicken, bon bons and despair to race 50 miles up a mountain.  

There comes a point in massive endeavours where the body, but mostly the mind,  gets to you.  There can be an awesome training day and then a crap one. There can be circumstances out of your control that just happen to stomp you out at the worst times.  It was one of the worst outdoor training seasons due to extended snow and rain.  There were multiple deals for my new bike purchase that fell through that had me off to a late start on outdoor training.  There were sick days and sick kids to put a pause on the full steam ahead engine in my head. There were days I thought I could conquer the world and there were days I thought I had already failed.  

I prayed and prayed “Dear God show me how to make this happen, send me who I need and show me what I don’t know”.  All along the way he answered. While some may see it as coincidence I see it as his warm guiding hand.  Its a big world,  but not when God is around- he makes it small and familiar.  From the bike purchase to the equipment needs he put some special people in my path.  My trainer had paired me with a wonder gal Lisa, who had my back all along.  She a most loving lady, brought me to her husband Ryans awesome spin class where Lance Armstrong rides were in effect, literally.  She sent me info on a meet up group that rode out at Deer Creek, and peer pressure is always good on rides.   She kindly introduced me to Joanie the riding sage.  Not too shy, riding sage began teaching wee grasshopper. She told me what shoes I needed, how to grind out my spin class and invited me to ride with her and Roylynn, the outdoor masta.  These ladies hadn’t just rode, but rode the Iron Horse multiple times and were riding again this year.  How awesome to be in the presence of such wisdom all around me!   

As race time neared I finally found my rhythm.  It wasn’t so fast but it was good for me.  While I could of grinded out head down to the pavement, I opted to enjoy the view. I love the scenery and spend time alone just me, God and the open terrain.  I sang, I whistled, I stopped to stretch and take pictures. Silly songs encouraged me when I was tired, for some reason when good weather the great Mr Rogers neighborhood song would flow...it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood!   I inhaled the fresh alfalfa air in the valley and gazed above at the cloud breaks as if heaven had been unzipped above me.   While maybe not the best recipe for a ‘racer’, it was surely a recipe for me to keep going! I got my bike all tuned up nice and neat, gear in tow. Had the awesome peeps down at Adventure Cycling in Aurora hook me up:) I was ready to go! Mr. Triathlon bike fitter John the genius reminded me "Remember you're there to have fun!" in that tone of 'don't forget the obvious'. I kept that close to me....

I drove in to Durango with the supportive brother Jesse who flew in for support. As we wound around the massive climbs I was doing “tomorrow” it seemed too daunting. He looked at me with huge eyes and a “wtf??” in his stare.  It didn’t look this hard on the video!  It didn’t look this hard on the chart!  Oh crap what have I done?!  The car was almost struggling through these passes!! The gulp in my throat and the slight nausea in my stomach had to answer to all the voices of the above mentioned saying “you’ll be fine!”, “you are ready!”, “you trained for this!”.   This year my only goal was not to get swept on the buses of shame and make it safely to the finish line. The high elevation gain had me worried as I hadn’t had but a quick lunch the day before on Mt Evans to prepare for that, dang weather again!  All the mind chatter and nerves just came to a calm at dinner.  There is no more time, tick tock, you’re out of time and all the woulda shoulda coulda’s have to go away. Tomorrow is it.  Ahh portabello mushroom, grilled zuchini and a southern lasagna is all there is now. Comfort me little cannoli in my time of need!   Pack up the bike, get your clothes laid out and try to sleep.  

I couldn't of prayed for better weather. I couldn't of asked for a better day. While the start line was a little chaotic and I didn't know I could just go, I was on my way!  All the worry was gone and all that was ahead of me were fields of plenty, flowers galore, waterfalls and grazing show horses. I huffed and puffed like a woman doing Lamaze for birth, people looked at me funny but I was getting the O2 in regardless! I kept hearing the voices of my friends and family all along. When things got tough I prayed, I breathed, and I heard the voice of le Canadian saying "Come on girl you got this!" "Its your mind not your body!" as she always does when I want to give up.  I kept going strong and steady, stopping like always to stretch and take pictures, oh and a few hundred bananas at aid stations.  Really the most beautiful hardest ride ever, but a ride that was all mine. 
The view for most the ride
Coal Bank...the real PAIN Conquered! 

Molas...Almost done!

The Decent into Silverton

I say I didn't choose the Iron Horse, but rather the Iron Horse chose me.  For a small little charity 5k or fun ride wouldn't of sufficed. It wouldn't of fed that need of belief deep down in my soul. It needed to be big, crazy and radically ridiculous.  God knew I needed a little encouragement and big payoff at this time in my life.  It’s easy to think on some days after three kids, stacks of bills and in my mid 30’s-  that life is all down hill.  But I needed more and God knew it!   When nearly every prayer was answered I couldn't believe the phrase in the song, the song from when I was 15 and in the Cottonhood free, Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers.  

After just missing the bus of shame by the hair of my chiny chin chin, 15 minutes on the first, and the second bus by 4 minutes,   I crossed the finish line...shocked...surreal....miracle... eyes locked to the clock, time frozen,  the familiar hippie voice rang over the loud speaker....”SHE loves JEEESUS and America toooooo....yeah I’m Freeee....freeeee falling” ....No coincidence at all....Ahhhh how TRUE:)
The Finish LINE! ODO Proof! 

After...ahhh off da bike
Celebratory Beer w/ Anna,  Did we just do that?!?!

Celebratory Steak! Betta  Rec'ognize!


Bicycles, Barbells & Breaking Down Barriers

Time always stood still while flying down the alley and the Daddy Bruce neighborhood on my bike as a kid.  Time didn't snap back into place until the lampost went on, we were caught unexpectedly in the dark, or worse hearing mom or dad yelling at some bad kids in trouble.  Having a bike and flying free as a bird in the wind with this hunk of magic metal that somehow protected against all intruders and invaders seems timeless.  I never grew out of it, I never became too old or too bored by the bicycle.  I suppose we are all somewhat larger versions of the smaller us's habits.

As time and life kept going I was always blessed to keep the fun in movement. If it wasn't a bike it was a dance fest, or a hike.  Somehow I always was raised eating right and nutrition never seemed a mystery. The issue was that I was able to eat what ever I wanted after moving out on my own.  The worst part was oh how I could keep up this adorable physique through all the mess. Why such a curse? Well because one day around the time my daughter approached three things changed, and fast. I remember the day I had her and three days later walking out of the hospital in the hot summer with my mini short shorts on that hadn't fit for the last few months.

  It wasn't child birth, it was just...one day.  I guess people call it metabolic change and maybe there was some extra depression in there over a failed relationship but still....50 lbs!? REALLY!?  Just one day of changing nothing I had done for years?  SO not fair, but so dang true. SO a few months go by and a few more and all the sudden I don't much care for my pictures in family situations and my clothes don't fit.  Well I always had the blessing of curves and never a shortage of men seeking me out chubby or thin, but sheesh I couldn't stand it.  Over time it just became me...I have always loved food and the social love that comes with it. I already know I'm not an emotional eater but rather a sleeper. But in social situations and equating love and value!? FOOD wins every time. From my creative side of culinary wonders to showing those I love just how much I love them.

As I sign up for a 47 mile bike race and realize a size I haven't been in 10 years I am very excited to walk by old photos of me, I get excited to see them. Not for any other reason than "Hey look at me back then! I look sooooo much better now!" Its like a tipping point has come to pass where expert knowledge, action, preparation,  psychological readiness, and me learning how to do them all at once, rather than a few at a time has made magic.  I have to look ahead thus a crazy bike race, I have to look behind, thus keep my spirits up, I have to look forward, thus belief that I can do what I really haven't been able to believe I could or should is WORKING! And most important to know I can keep going and to truly know just how fun it is!

Beauty to Shreds...Dove's Forensic Experiment

I am in shock over the miles of space in between the reactions over the new Dove video.  Call me lame but often times I don't really see things until they go viral on Facebook.  I heard things left and right, something about redefining beauty and seemingly negative comments about something that went viral about beauty. On the far other side, other women emphatically saying for all women to watch and how awesome it is. Blah blah I had no idea what they were talking about. Click. Move on. Then a few days goes by and a friend posts a video about a forensic artist who blindly interviews women about themselves as he sketches their face. He then asks someone who was in the room with them earlier to do the same. The self described outcome is a sadder more homely drawing, whereas the other woman's description is more accurate to the woman.  Overall message we are supposed to come away with is: STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP! HAVE SOME PRIDE IN YOUR BEAUTY!

This sounds all fine and dandy doesn't it? But to my she-grin women are up in flames over this thing. Its now a viral fail, or is it? There are blogs and rants and raves over how awful Dove is for marketing this video. The thing for me was I didn't go into this video with any opinion. I had actually forgot about the comment threads days before, so for me I felt I saw it with a fresh perspective. If you haven't yet seen it, maybe do that before reading any of this. Sit with your reaction good or bad for a few minutes.  For me a little emotion was sparked when the short haired lady got very emotional over her reveal. It caused a little lump in my throat and a few tears to swell up in my eyes, along side hers.  There was this feeling of "How could I of seen myself like this?"  It was a sad yet raw moment of "Wow....Why?".

 The reason I was empowered by this video is that it was a stark reminder of how critical we are on ourselves. I can't go off the trail that this was insulting to who we are as women. My main conclusion is because Dove was upfront in their motives and their intention. They were being asked to describe their APPEARANCE. They were not asked to describe their beliefs, their accomplishments, their passions nor their heart. It was a simple experiment with a simple goal- How do you SEE yourself when you LOOK in the mirror??? Yes physically!? I don't think anyone was hoodwinked or mislead by a company who's goal is not to counsel women through their personal issues. Dove is a skin care company. Soap. Creams. Lotions. Potions. Not psychological or spiritual rehabilitation on the Dove shelves last I checked.

For years I have battled with the promoted idea that we are supposed to downplay our physical beauty and appearance. I think as a society we have swung the pendulum from Little House on the Prairie too far from the feminist revolts against Barbie's unattainable measurements back and fro, left and right. Once it was too outward appearance focused but now its becoming a pledge and some holy vow to take on this plain and homely look or to not even look at looks, should we all look down? I'm against it. I disagree.  Do I think we are supposed to make looks everything? No. Worship them? No. But hide them? Downplay them? Suppress them? Absolutely NOT!

My opinions do not entail any one or more directive. For example, does one who doesn't wear makeup mean she's automatically  plain, ugly, or downplaying her beauty? Absolutely not. Some women are actually sexier sin makeup. On the other side, as an artistic person, make up, hair do's and fashion are an outward expression of my internal creativity and art.  Each person must determine where they find they're outward beauty and how they make that their own.  I just resist us women taking on this judgmental and nearly hostile attitude towards the women in make up, dresses and stiletto heels. Is that any better than being harshly judged for not being a pageant queen?  These are all the same form of condemnation originating from the other side of the extreme.

 The attacks are mostly around the idea that the one woman says "Beauty couldn't be more critical to your happiness". OOooo Weee!  the feminists have their panties in a bunch on this one! If taken out of context or not feeling the full weight of what this woman was saying as a whole, I could jump down this comments throat too. But what she seemingly meant and implied was "The way we feel and see ourselves effects every aspect of who we are and what we do".  Some of the neh sayers have bashed her saying sarcastically how could we ever befriend an ugly girl? Why would we ever apply for a job if we feel ugly? I think this is a mean stretch. If this woman had a chance to be re interviewed and have her words re smithed, I think she would agree with my paraphrase.

When we walk around thinking we are somehow ugly or inferior on the outside it is very hard to push through and present our beautiful inside to the world. I look at the word "Beauty" from a very holistic viewpoint. I didn't hear her sentence under fire as her physical beauty, but more about the spirit of her  internal beauty and spirit that projects through her outward appearance. We can't ignore that depressed woman in the corner with a dirty t shirt at a party as just having her "own way" of projecting her beauty, can we?  Can we hire the woman who is so doubtful over her own work and accomplishments that she is almost disqualifying herself throughout the whole interview, eyes glued to the floor, can we?  This is more. This runs deeper.

Women are the most insecure beings on the planet.  From the time we are little we are balls of insecurity in a big mean world. Where those come from I say the pits of hell. While practically it may be society, commercials, family, bully's or the like, but deep down under it comes from evil. From the time we are small we are told about being too fat, too thin, too curly, too straight, too light, too dark, too smart,  too dumb, too selfish, too giving, too loud, too quiet,  too this and too that. But the worst part is we then take on these words and thrash them out at others. We make headlines with the worst attacks on other women. We dish out the dirt on celebrity gossip magazines. We insult an accomplished female politician on her choice of dress suit.  We go viral.

We are smart, we are strong, we are powerful, we are brave, we are over comers and more importantly to me and my faith, we are created in the image of GOD. Sometimes as grown women we can't even see the scars we've brought up through our childhoods. These women on the video were almost in shock over how they're self descriptions led to such a sad mis representation of themselves, and who else could they blame? Where else could they look? They were the only ones describing themselves.

I don't blame or knock Dove for anything more than maybe not doing their best work with a research test market group before launching this. There are technical errors such as yeah maybe they could have featured a few more women of the non Caucasian decent, but in reality, as a half Hispanic  married to an African with all mixed race children, the colors didn't offend me. I gave them the benefit of the doubt on that since they've predominantly used a wide array of races in their previous Size campaigns. The descriptions of thin nose vs protruding nose didn't strike me as a racial insult but I listened a second time more around how those were described. One side felt happy and pleasing while another felt insecure and pointing out a flaw of her own opinion. Each woman can define this for herself. And for all we know maybe the Caucasian women's responses and results were the most negative???  thus being featured more in the video. Who knows.

It leads me to a strong conviction that we as women have to lift each other up and lift up any movements to restore what the evil world has tried to strip us of. Even if its in a touchy arena that has seemingly been the problem. Just because an over focus on outward beauty was a big issue in our past as women, doesn't mean we can't reclaim this as our own on our own terms.  To be sexy, hot, adorned or unadorned, and to embrace our physical beauty is not something to shy away from. To downplay our beautiful bodies, in any shape size or shade is a sad surrender to our essence. While society will always be a strong force to be reckoned with, let us not over attack and tear each other apart at any level.

As a mother of two daughters,  I don't ever want them to think they are just hot bodies walking around ignoring their souls and core identity. But nor do I not want them walking around thinking they are all soul with a useless sausage encasement of a body. I feel God made us ALL different for a reason. There is a physical reason we are unique, like a fingerprint. Let our physical beauty and our physical self esteem raise along side our spiritual and emotional esteem too. And at the end of the day this was a marketing thing. Dove has some great images on a Google search for Real Beauty Campaign and their 'Self Esteem' fund too. So when we spend our dollars out there do we spend them with companies promoting our values? Hopefully we do. If not I'd at least spend a few bucks on a company that's at least trying, even if they're not getting it perfect every time.


All Is Well With My Soul...

As the old hymn spoke I sang its truth. My soul was well and I was warmed by the gentle nudge from God that said "Yes I am still here". I get so humbled when God is doing such evident work. When a prayer is answered when a blaring un ignorable manifestation is being done almost with an asterisk sign next to it that says *God, or maybe #YesItsMeGod .  I will share some thoughts from the The 40 Day Soul Fast book that I've been working out of just as it IS well with my soul...
Matthew 16:26
New Living Translation (NLT)
26 And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?[a] Is anything worth more than your soul?
------The soul is the seat of intention, conscience, and choice. It’s the governing mechanism of your life, which in turn is either governed by Christ , the world or the enemy. What you allow to govern your soul is what you are tethered to.  Remember  that hoping in God will always reconnect and anchor you to His saving grace. This hope will purify you and will detoxify your soul. It will clear away the impurities and cause your best, most authentic self to come forth.
 Jeremiah 6:16
New Living Translation (NLT)
 16 This is what the LORD says:
   “Stop at the crossroads and look around.
      Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it.
   Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls.
      But you reply, ‘No, that’s not the road we want!’
 Galatians 5:1
English Standard Version (ESV)
5 For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

 -----Some of the most prevalent and misunderstood things that keep people from running with purpose and certainty are the toxic thoughts and lethal strongholds within their souls- memories of painful experiences, destructive habits, emotional attachments, misplaced desires, limiting beliefs and narrow objectives undermine purpose, meaning and lasting fulfillment. Unaddressed these things will cause you to go through life feeling weighed down with a burdened soul.
 Romans 7:23
The Message (MSG)
21-23It happens so regularly that it's predictable. The moment I decide to do good, sin is there to trip me up. I truly delight in God's commands, but it's pretty obvious that not all of me joins in that delight. Parts of me covertly rebel, and just when I least expect it, they take charge.
 Matthew 11:29
New Living Translation (NLT)
29 Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

  -----Just as a mirror, which reflects all things, is set in its own container, so too the rational soul is placed in the fragile container of the body. In this way, the body is governed in its earthly life by the soul, and the soul contemplates heavenly things through faith – Hildegard of Binden
 Hebrews 4:11
New Living Translation (NLT)
11 So let us do our best to enter that rest. But if we disobey God, as the people of Israel did, we will fall.

----The word soul comes from the Hebrew word nephesh which refers to ‘breathing, thinking being with passion, appetite and emotion. Also ‘complete life of a being’
 Isaiah 58:6
New International Reader's Version (NIRV)
 6 "Here is the way I want you to fast.
   "Set free those who are held by chains without any reason.
      Untie the ropes that hold people as slaves.
   Set free those who are crushed.
      Break every evil chain.

------Fasting is a spiritually and socially transforming practice, it helps us to identify the grave injustices around us, acknowledge and take responsibility for our participation and complicity in such injustice, and prepares us to act with God to transform ourselves and our world -Rev Noelle Damico

-------More important than purging our souls of toxic lies, is to nourish them with the truth
 Psalm 119:29-32
The Message (MSG)
  25-32 I'm feeling terrible—I couldn't feel worse!
      Get me on my feet again. You promised, remember?
   When I told my story, you responded;
      train me well in your deep wisdom.
   Help me understand these things inside and out
      so I can ponder your miracle-wonders.
   My sad life's dilapidated, a falling-down barn;
      build me up again by your Word.
   Barricade the road that goes Nowhere;
      grace me with your clear revelation.
   I choose the true road to Somewhere,
      I post your road signs at every curve and corner.
   I grasp and cling to whatever you tell me;
      God, don't let me down!
   I'll run the course you lay out for me
      if you'll just show me how.

--------The soul  gives a person the mental faculty to make decisions including judgment, discernment, discretion, volition, prudence, judiciousness, discrimination, conviction, belief, and faith. Its divinely ordained and comprised of a person’s temperament, personality, proclivities, mindset, disposition destiny and purpose.
 Matthew 7:25
 25 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.
-Being authentic is the ability to make self honoring choices and stand firmly in who we are at our core. Being true to ourselves gives us the insight and compassion to see others for who they are, not who we expect them to be. It frees us up from the judgment of ourselves and others and it gives others the freedom to be themselves as well. – Victoria J Reynolds

-------Jesus, Noah, Moses, and Elijah were sustained for 40 days and then received supernatural manifestations from God. Submitting to 40 is about cleansing, alignment, preparing and loosing…
 1 Corinthians 9:26/ 9:24
 24 Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win!
 26 I therefore so run, as not uncertainly; so fight I, as not beating the air:

-------Living authentically, in its simplest terms, is living your truth, the truth in your heart and soul.  Learning to live authentically is empowerment
 Hebrews 12:11
New Living Translation (NLT)
11 No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.

More scripture:
 Luke 6:39 NKJV
James 1:5
John 8:32 NIV
Matthew 21:21
Hebrews 6:19
Col 1:5
1 John 3:3
Romans 5:2

(Unless otherwise noted comments are from The 40 Day Soul Fast By Dr Cindy Trimm)


If Time Runs Out

Every day seems like the sand of the hour glass goes down
Every minute flies right by my grasp quickly out of town 
 The calendar reminds me of the day ahead of all of us now
The day, the hour, the time when time might just run right out
 I take an extra deep inhaling of your sweet baby's breath
Stroking along your smooth baby skin just puts me to the test
How could there be the possibility that this is preparation for goodbye
How does a parent look deep into their child knowing they might die
I hold u just a little bit closer, a little bit tighter, a little bit extra long
I try to show u all the beautiful things out there and every favorite song
I try to tattoo every look u have and move u make deep in my memory
I refuse to think that in my lifetime there'd be a trip to the cemetery
You bless my days, my heart, my strength and every ounce of faith I have
 I pray w/ stories of  'way back when', together we'll look back and laugh
I see you ever so clearly graduating and walking down the wedding isle
I know those motherly things afar I'll need to patiently wait for awhile
But if in our future for some odd strange mysterious unknown reason, 
our precious time runs out
I'm telling you that every second with you my lil strong heart,  
I'll cherish full heartedly RIGHT NOW